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Despite the urgent need to solve the problem of the person in the left striker, the team does not plan to change the position of Pete. The Saint will continue to use Trent Armstead to move the old Zach Sterrief to the left front position.

Saint coach hopes that the new show Pitte is serviced
The New Orleans saints in this year's draft, in the first round of the first round, the first round of Andrus Peat. This height is 6 feet 7 inches, and the large number of large numbers of weight 313 pounds are mainly served in the truth of the team. At present, the offensive front line of the saints is unstable. There have been rumors that the team represents the team or will arrange Pete as a striker. In this regard, the coach Sean Payton said Pitt will still appear on the sidewalk.

[Review] defense team tournament four steals Rivers, lightning Chiefs 24-17
Mexico match of the season between the Chiefs and lightning start, the young MVP Patrick - Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) will work with veteran Philip - competition Rivers (Phillip Rivers) led. This is the second consecutive Rivers starting to play 219 games, ranked first among active quarterbacks, but also the history behind Brett - Favre (Brett Favre). Both sides have brave Everett: Hunter - Henry (Hunter Henry) and Travis - Kelsey (Travis Kelce). We hope that both sides can score with an exciting battle.

Select lightning strike, offensive steadily, Austin - Yi Kele (Austin Ekeler) advancing 37 yards after receiving a short pass, reached the red zone chiefs. But after lightning stopped in nine yards, Michael - Badgley (Michael Badgley) hit 27 yards free kick, Lightning 3-0. Then Chiefs failed to get the ball right opportunity, Badgley 40 yards free kick wide of the right not to be, the score did not change temporarily. Tyreke - Hill (Tyreek Hill) hamstring injury during this period, temporarily unable to determine whether the return.

Quartz Swan Roson will participate in the Red Range
Beijing April 6th, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported in accordance with the information report, although Arizona Rosen quarter Swan is in the trading wave, he is expected to be on Monday Training to the team break.

The second half of ball lightning conversion was disallowed due to the foul, Le Xiaoen - off the ball is also to regain his own before McCoy (LeSean McCoy) in the end zone. Damien final - Williams (Damien Williams) completed six yards rushing touchdowns, and soon the 后马霍姆斯 connection Kelsey completed 21-yard touchdown, 24-9 chiefs continue to expand the lead.

Pitt's arrival will provide fresh blood to the attacking front line of the Saint. In an interview, Pelton is also praised by this young man. He emphasizes Pitt's high size and outstanding arm exhibition will become his biggest advantage in the alliance. After a disappointment of a disappointment, Saints hoped to come over the new season.

Monfri himself said that rape accused, the investigation of the Prosecutor and the Michigan State University of Human Rights proved that he is innocent. But Monfri said that no one inform him another event. In the event survey, Monfri is considered to violate the school policy, which is also the main reason for the Texas people to cut him.

Original Texas people take over the mother school Michigan State University
A year ago, the news reported that the External handle Case-Monfri was raped during the University of Keith Mumphery, and he was an research institute cheap nfl jerseys from china Michigan State University and was banned into the campus. Subsequently, Texas crowd Monfri.

Macho James himself rushed the ball 24 yards after advancing to let the fans see hope chiefs, but this was soon broken lightning defense group. Leixiao En - Jenkins (Rayshawn Jenkins) Macho Williams steals half ball lightning at 27 yards. This is the second annual Macho James steals. Lightning did not miss this opportunity meant, although Mike - Pei Neier (Mike Pennel) sack Rivers once, but Melvin - Gordon (Melvin Gordon) is still life and conversion to complete the first attack. The Hou Jinan - Alan (Keenan Allen) ball forward 30 yards, the future seems bright lightning.

This season, his career entered the third year of the Turbus foundation (175.6 yards) and the pacific push propeller (5.6 yards) all in the alliance ranking, his pass reached (9 times) ranked 26th. Since the eighth week, the bears have been 14.3 points, ranked 30th in the Alliance.

Alliances have been widely believed that the red tones will use the Murray University 4 points of Kyler Murray. But although there are many teams intentional to trade Rosen, the flush is still not willing to take this first round show four defense.

Lightning need to start over - Mike Williams (Mike Williams) ball forward 26 yards to the Chiefs half, Henry the ball forward 15 yards, Austin - Yi Kele (Austin Ekeler) rushed the ball 18 yards, lightning has come 8 yards at a front end of the line area. But after three consecutive pass attempts unsuccessful Rivers, Nfl jerseys wide receiver Allen injured during this period. After the two sides each hit a free kick. Before half Badgley complete a kick 49 yards, halftime 10-9.